Friday, July 8, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

It has been over 4 years since our family left our home in Africa to come to America as missionaries.   We’re due a furlough.    An opportunity has come up for us to return to East Africa.    Kigali International Community School (KICS) will celebrate her 10 Year Anniversary on September 16th.   The KICS board has asked for us to join the celebration.    Westbrook Christian Church has agreed to pay for one of our plane tickets.   We’d like for Dave, Jana, and Timothy to attend.    We need some more financial resources.   Can you make a contribution?

This 10 Year Anniversary is reminder from God.   Eleven years ago our family entered Rwanda.    Our hope was to start English speaking church with a good children and youth program for returning Rwanda Diaspora families.    However, after just a few months we realized we were unable to stay in Rwanda unless we could develop a school for our children.   The dream of KICS began. We had to unite to stay in Rwanda.  With families from other Christian organizations we began in a rented home with 4 teachers and about 20 kids.   Then God placed before us an ideal piece of property and the need to raise $1,560,000.    With God’s help the funds were discovered and the school grew.   Not only did KICS serve the needs of missionaries and the international community, KICS also is a servant to the Rwandan Diaspora.   She is accredited.    Our daughter, Sophia teaches there.    We need to be with KICS for this season as they celebrate and encourage a new vision.

God has honored the KICS’ vision.   What new visions does He call us to?

This Diaspora journey is one on several continents.    As we’ve served Diaspora families in Africa we also serve them in America.   With America’s shifting faith dynamics the Diaspora we serve are the missionaries to America.    The Diaspora children are much like Daniel, Esther, Paul, and Timothy in their blending of language, culture, and calls from God to serve many nations.  Our son, Timothy carries both Ugandan and American passports.    It is difficult but essential for him to live in both countries of his earthly allegiance.   Many nights as we pray before sleep he asks questions about Africa.   He needs a visit home.   

Besides visiting Rwanda and encouraging KICS we’ll travel to Uganda for Timothy.   While there we’ll visit old friends at churches we developed and organizations with which we served.

In our current season the worlds of church development in America and Africa frequently meet.    While living on the north side of Chicago we became friends with a Somali Christian, Nurto Ali.    Her family are still Muslim and live as refugees in Uganda.    The Nakivale Refugee Camp where they stay is near the road from Kigali, Rwanda to Kampala, Uganda.   We plan to visit them.    We hope our visit will bring encouragement and keep doors open for more Gospel conversations.    We marvel at a God who keeps these conversations blending from Somalia, Chicago, and Uganda.

Also, the Diaspora world creates the largest economic engine in East Africa.   The largest source of foreign income in East Africa is the money that the Diaspora in Asia, Europe, and North America send home.    Much of those remittances are simple things like paying school tuition of medical fees for economically less fortunate relatives.    However, much of the remittances are also business investments that build middle class wealth.

Friends in the Ugandan Community in Greater Chicago have asked Dave to serve on a board of
Dave, Jana, and Tim at Tanzania Fellowship
a trust that is developing 500 acres of land on Mount Elgon in Uganda as a timber farm.
   Dave has said, “Yes” to being on the board, and feels he needs to see the land and meet the Ugandan based board members to be faithful to this responsibility.    Thus he and Timothy also plan to take a trip from Kampala to Mount Elgon during our trip back to East Africa. 

Aren’t missions in the 21st Century in America thrilling?    Where else can you find such diverse opportunity?    

However, this is a journey of humility.    While at times God has used us to discover large amounts of financial resources we like most immigrants have a humble journey in the USA.     We rarely have all the needed resources.   Each step forward is one of faith.   The gifts of churches, family, and friends sustain the journey.    We estimate our trip will cost $6,600.    With Westbrook’s contribution we already have $1,400.    Can you make a donation?  

 If so write a check to:
Westbrook Christian Church
(Memo: KICS Anniversary)
1175 Lily Cache Ln, Bolingbrook, IL 60490

Or you can give on line at and select for your gift Africa Diaspora Missions.

Thank you for sharing this journey,

Mungu akubariki (May God bless you),

Dave, Jana, and Timothy