Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Missionary church planting is primarily about following relationship webs to new postings.   When we arrive we're usually overwhelmed with the task and call out to God (Matthew 9:35-38.)    He usually answers by asking for us to go on a humble journey in which old friendships find new possibilities.    An answer to prayer is developing and we could use some help.

Here's the brief story:   In June 2005 our family moved to Kigali, Rwanda with the dream of starting an English speaking church for returning Rwanda Diaspora with a good children's and youth program.   The first year we spent gathering the needed government documentation to make church planting a possibility.    Dave got our visa to stay in Rwanda by teaching Ethics at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology.      During that first year of largely waiting to begin an actual new church our family were members at New Life Bible Church.    Dave on occasion did some volunteer teaching or pastoral care.   Jana helped with kids functions.   We felt nurtured by the staff of New Life Bible Church.

As we started Christ's Church of Rwanda we occasionally would get together with New Life Bible Church and trade notes.    They always made us wiser.    

As we've been in Chicago land we at times are overwhelmed by the church deserts.    We sense our relationship networks of East African Diaspora can be part of the answer to address the church deserts.    Yet, it is very difficult to mobilize people so geographically and time scattered.    We really need people with pastoral skill geographically close to us.    God is answering that prayer.

A few months ago we received an email that friends from New Life Bible Church, Elisee and
Glorieuse Uwizeye
Glorieuse Rugambarara would be moving to Chicago with their 3 children
. Their children are Joe; 9 years old, Joanna; 5 years old, and Joella, 4 years old.   Glorieuse will be studying for her Ph.D. in Nursing from the University of Illinois - Chicago.    Elisee was one of the pastors at New Life Bible church during our time with them.   He had stepped away from the staff position to help his family's business but remained as an elder at New Life who was very involved.    After a little prayer and counsel we decided to ask for Elisee and Glorieuse to join us, and they said, "Yes."

They arrive on Thursday, August 11 with just their suitcases.    They'll live across the street from us at the TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) apartments.   We need to furnish their home ASAP. 

Can you help?   Below is our quick list of what we need.   Feel free to call Dave at 630-649-4350 or Jana at 630-649-4695 with questions or to arrange a drop off or pick up.   

Murakoze cyane (Thank you very much),

Furniture needed:

Living room:
1.    Couch or loveseat
2.    2 additional chairs
3.    Coffee table
4.    1 or 2 side tables
5.    1or 2 lamps
6.    Book shelf

Kids bedroom:
1.    One bunkbed with mattresses
2.    One dresser

Master bedroom:
1.    Queen or King size bed with mattress
2.    One dresser
3.    Two nightstands

Other basic needs:
1.    Bed sheets for queen or King bed
2.    Bed cover for queen or King bed
3.    2 girl comforters
4.    1 boy comforters
5.    10 towels
6.    10 wash clothes
7.    4 hand towels

Kitchen Basics

1.    Garbage Container 
2.    Can Opener
3.    Measuring cups and spoons
4.    Wooden spoons
5.    Grater
6.    Spatulas
7.    Serving ladle
8.    Potato masher
9.    Pepper and salt shakers
10. Oven mitts
11. Juice jug
12. Kettle
13. Drip coffee maker
14. Colander
15. Casserole dish
16. Containers to store leftovers
17. Pots: (all with lids)
a.    10 qt. stock pot
b.    8 qt stock pot
c.    5 qt. dutch oven
d.    2 qt. saucepan
e.    1 qt. saucepan
18. Frying pan
19. Mixing bowls
20. Cookie sheets
21. Baking pans
22. Muffin tins
23. Cutting board
24. Knives (paring, bread)
25. Dish drying rack
26. Tea towels
27. Dish cloths
28. Plates
29. Cutlery
30. Glasses
31. Mugs
32. Cutlery divider
CAR:  Quality Used Vehicle for a family of 5
1. 1 Quality Men’s Bike
2. 1 Quality Women’s Bike
3. 1 Quality Boy’s Bike
4. 1 Quality Girls Bike
5. 1 Tricycle / Starter Bike
Children’s Stuff:
1. Soccer Ball.
2. Basketball
3. Rollerblades
 Basic Food Items: