Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lois Patricia Grapevine Jenkins Eulogy

Lois Patricia Grapevine Jenkins threw her ultimate Christmas party on Sunday, December 25 2016.   Her children and grandchildren were scattered around the United States and she wanted them all home for Christmas.    She transitioned to her home in heaven and all of her family started traveling home for Christmas.  She knew how to get them together.  

She was born on November 1, 1940 to Ike and Madeline Grapevine in Blue Earth Minnesota.   She grew up kitty corner from the city dump and across the street from the rendering plant.   She had 3 sisters – Darleen, Audrey, and Donna; and one brother, Bob.    Of her siblings Bob was her favorite.    She went fishing frequently as a child and mothered her younger siblings.   Occasionally, she was naughty.   In fact, she threw apples at people and never was caught.   It bothered her conscience for years.    

She was the first in her family to attend college and she graduated from Mankato State College in 1962.

She married Lloyd Ross Jenkins on June 6, 1964 and she really had to think about it when he proposed.   Of their 52 years of marriage Lloyd frequently tried her patience and even bought a deer rifle on her birthday.  Also, no one was ever convinced that he painted the mirror with a clear conscience.     She continued to forgive Lloyd for his many escapades with his chainsaw and .22. 

She is preceded in death by not only her parents and niece, Lori; but Morris and Tom the cat, her pony, Honey; and numerous dogs such as Tim, Suzie, and Nancy.   

Of her survivors her daughter, Patty is her favorite; Dave makes lots of mistakes, Mark never stops moving, and Tim leaves his cats where ever he goes.    She has 13 grandchildren and she fed them ice cream for breakfast.    She taught her children and grandchildren how to ride bikes and skate by simply moving alongside them and catching them before they fell to the ground.

With Lois’ passing the exact number of her nieces and nephews has been eternally lost.    However, we do know that there was also an eternal supply of rice crispy bars and chocolate chip cookies in her home for each child.  

She holds the Owatonna Hospital record for marathon walking.   She walked a pace of 1 mile per hour for 20 hours for 5 days.   The staff estimates she walked 100 miles during her July 2016 stay. 

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